Frequently Asked Questions

Is PURYETTE 1 an air freshener?

PURYETTE 1 - Air Revitalizing Spray for Cannabis and Smoke Odors is more than an air freshener – it specifically targets and eliminates malodorous molecules using the same active ingredients as many of Canada’s commercial cannabis growers. It also contains a combination of essential oils to leave spaces pleasantly revitalized.


Is PURYETTE only for smoke and cannabis odors?

No, you can use PURYETTE on other odors as well! While it's specifically made to combat cannabis and smoke odors, our product testers have also given it high ratings for other odors such as kitchen garbage and diapers.


What are the ingredients in PURYETTE 1?

PURYETTE uses a proprietary blend of active ingredients plus essential oils including eucalyptus, cedarwood, orange and pine needle, along with water and emulsifier.


What does PURYETTE 1 smell like?

PURYETTE 1 has a complex yet light scent, like warm eucalyptus.


Is PURYETTE safe to use?

Yes, PURYETTE is safe to use. PURYETTE uses cosmetic-quality ingredients, however it contains 3-Methoxy-3methylbutan-1-ol and can irritate both eyes and skin. We recommend using the product only as directed on the labeling, and as with most household products, to keep out of reach of children and pets and to not directly inhale or spray towards face.


Does PURYETTE freeze?

PURYETTE 1 formulation contains water and will freeze in temperatures below -4°C. You can still use the product after it has thawed and is back in a liquid state. Please allow the bottle to thaw, then shake well (but gently) to bring the mixture back to optimal use. Do not heat the bottle or its’ contents directly, and do not use when partially frozen as frozen pieces may damage the spray nozzle.


Where is PURYETTE made?

PURYETTE is proudly developed and manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Is PURYETTE tested on animals?

No, we do not test our products on animals. 


How long does PURYETTE last?

PURYETTE is available in 1 oz. and 16 oz. bottles. How long it lasts depends on the concentration level of the odor, the size of the affected area, and the frequency of use. Since PURYETTE is a highly effective odor neutralizer, start by spraying once, then only as needed.